Embalming Services To Preserve The Deceased Soul

The sudden loss of loved ones is always a nightmare! And the most challenging part of this heartbreaking moment is preparing for the cremation. Sabari Funeral Services are here to assist you in taking up these responsibilities, from offering a rental mortuary van in Chennai to embalming the deceased soul. 

By the way, do you know what embalming is? Body embalming is a method which helps to preserve the deceased body from decomposing by injecting and applying various chemicals and solutions. In some faiths, they might have a ritual for two-long days or have someone to pay their respect to the departed soul, which makes the families choose the embalming method of preservation. We at Sabari Funeral Services offer embalming services in Chennai for families who intend to prevent deceased bodies from turning black and make them suitable for the following funeral rituals. 

Embalming Process:

The embalming process is quite surgical and requires experts to perform such an activity. In an embalming process, the foremost step is preparing the body for the embalming procedure. The first step of this surgical process is to disinfect the deceased body and then give a light massage on the limbs to remove the stiffness. After this, the two different steps are performed. They are

  1. Setting the facial features.
  2. The cavity or arterial embalming

The experts go for an arterial embalming process once facial features are set. In the arterial embalming process, the blood is removed through the veins and is replaced with a suitable embalming solution. In the case of cavity embalming, a smaller incision is made on the body's lower abdomen to remove the gas and fluid content. Chemical mixtures based on formaldehyde are used to replace the removed contents.

The embalming services in Chennai offered by the Sabari Funeral Services follow these procedures to make the deceased body suitable for the preceding rituals. As the embalming process is highly surgical, we assure you that we offer this process under the supervision of field experts to do it in the correct manner. 

Is It Important?

It has become a common practice in today's world. It is even used for deceased celebrities and political figures so as the crowd to visit their favourite personality for the last time. The best part of the embalming service is that the deceased person's body is restored with natural expression for a specified time. This option comes in handy if the funeral gets delayed for some reason.

At Sabari's Funeral Service, we process these embalming services in Chennai with utmost care and precision to not cause any damage to the deceased body at other parts. Our services provide you with fulfilment towards your responsibility by doing it in the proper and dignified way.

If you are looking for embalming services in Chennai, contact Sabari Funeral Services, where you can also avail of all religious funeral services in Chennai, right from arranging ambulance service to performing rituals for your loved ones in one place.