Everything You Need To Know About Funeral Ceremony

Everything You Need To Know About Funeral Ceremony

It is known that everything does not happen desirably. We experience different emotions and moments to cherish in our life’s expedition but losing someone creates a void that no one can fill. Hence, at this moment, we are only left with their memories and mourn their demise. The sad part of losing someone is taking part in their ritual and saying the “last goodbye”. However, taking part in their last rite needs a lot of courage to arrange their funeral services in a dignified way. Sabari funeral services in Chennai can assist you in making the necessary arrangements for the last rite to give them a proper goodbye.

Is A Funeral Ceremony Necessary?

Yes, a funeral ceremony for the deceased soul is necessary as it is the last moment for the family members, relatives, and friends to see their loved ones’ faces for the last time. It is the time when the deceased person is remembered and honoured for all the deeds and accomplishments made by them. Not only that, it is the time to show the grief that the deceased individual has created and give the adieu they deserve.

Hence, every faith must carry out a proper and dignified last rite ritual for the deceased soul for a peaceful heavenly abode. We at Sabari Funeral Services help you by providing right from the freezer box in Chennai to performing rituals in the post-funeral.

Rituals Followed In Every Faith:

Everyone follows their faith’s beliefs and rituals for a dignified last rite. So, it is common to see that traditions and practices vary from place to place. Hence, listed below are the ways followed by the respective faiths to perform the last rite for the deceased soul. 


In Hinduism, there are many classes and subclasses; each has its traditions and customs. However, here are some practices commonly practised in Hinduism.

The deceased soul has to be placed on the mat or grass floor. However, the deceased soul is kept in a freezer box in today’s world for protection and preservation.

  • The holy water from the Ganga river with the leaves of Tulsi is given to the deceased soul.
  • Only close family members are allowed to wash the deceased soul.
  • The deceased body should be covered with a plain white cloth. If it is a female and has passed before the demise of her husband, then the female’s deceased body should be covered in red.

Sabari Funeral Services offer cremation services in Chennai with due respect and arranges priests for the same.


The rituals followed in Christianity are 

  • The deceased soul is kept in a freezer box for the family members, relatives, and friends to see them for the last time.
  • There would be continuous prayers and hymns in the funeral service.
  • A priest would offer prayers at the church for the deceased soul for a peaceful heavenly aboard.
  • Finally, the departed soul is buried in the cemetery by offering prayers.

Hence, these are the major activities that happen at the funeral ceremony with respect to different faiths. Sabari Funeral Services is the right place to arrange a dignified last rite for your loved one, where you can avail services from booking a mortuary van in Chennai to embalming.

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